Wednesday, 7 February 2018

My Holiday!

My Holiday
On my holiday my family went to Waiheke for my parents' anniversary.  

When we arrived, we went to a beach and swam there. We went to many beaches.

We lived in a GIANT house, the owner was a 10 year old.

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By Clyde


  1. Imagine owning a giant house at the age of 10. That's CRAZY! How long did you stay in Waiheke for?

  2. How lucky Clyde for you to visit Waiheke Island. It is a great escape from Auckland city. How many different beaches did you swim in while you were there?

  3. How did you like your first taste of beer for kids (ginger ale) in Wild on Waiheke? :)

  4. by the way, supreme dahon is my mum. ( clyde )

  5. Oh whoops! I just realized a typo! the owner was 20.