Sunday, 25 February 2018

Frisbee golf

At Woodhill Forest we also had the opportunity to play Frisbee Golf - kind of like Mini Golf, except you have to try and throw a frisbee into a cage. Miss R was not very good at this one.

Room 5, what was your most/least favourite activity and why?

Tree Adventures

Our second day of adventures was at Woodhill Forest where we partook in High Tree Challenges. Many of us faced our fear of heights but we had heaps of fun!

Eastern Beach Activities

We've all had so much fun the last couple of days during our EOTC trips (Education Outside The Classroom).

We started on Thursday with a trip to Eastern Beach where we experienced heaps of awesome activities, such as Clue Find, Raft Building, Outdoor Cooking, Tent pitching, Paddle Games and Kayaking! 

Having a little rest!

Clue Find

Tent pitching

Raft Building

Paddle Games

Outdoor cooking

Raft Building


Paddle Games

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Please Vote Sunnyhills

Hi guys,

Click on this link,,search Sunnyhills and vote for our school so we can try and win some awesome equipment.

Get your friends and family to vote for us too!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Learning Links

Hi Room 5,

If you have some spare time and would like to do some learning, click on our Learning Links page and have a browse through the different links that take your interest.

Have fun exercising your brain!

Miss R

Monday, 12 February 2018

My Holiday Adventures

In my holiday I got a puppy, his name is Eddie.
Eddie is black with a little bit of white.
He is a spoodle which is a spaniel mixed with a poodle.
But we think he is missing the poodle part of him.
He also likes my hair, so I can’t lie on the ground anymore!
He is eating lots, especially all the cat food - he might start
meowing soon!   

By Isabelle

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Neerav's Hoidays

In the holidays I went to Devonport.  I ate ice cream with my family Mum,grandma,me and my sister.We had tonnes of fun.
.Related image

Hoilday by Andrew

I went with my brother and dad to the basketball game and the score was 88-84 and the Breakers won. 

At the start of the new year, I went to Rotorua with my family and friends. We went to the luge. I was nervous at the start but it got really exciting.
We also did mountain biking around the Red Wood forest. My favourite ride was the dipper, because it was like a BMX track..

In January, I went to Lake Waikaremoana with my whole Snijders family. I went to the beach where my dad used to camp as a child. We made a camp fire to roast mashmellows.

By Andrew

Room 5 February 2018

Friday, 9 February 2018

My trip to China

In the holidays I went to China. Here’s a picture of it.

This is the 2nd biggest city in China.
The city is called Shanghai.

By Lucas Ai

Do you want to bike or scooter to school?

Hi Room 5,

If you want to ride you bike or scooter to school each day, you will need to get your parent to give their permission first. They can do this by clicking on this link and following the instructions:  
Image result for ride bike to school cartoon

My holiday at Waitete Bay

Over the holidays we went to our family bach at Waitete Bay.

The weather was really hot so we spent most of our days at the beach.  We swam out to the raft and jumped off, it was so much fun!

We went for a walk around the rocks to Crystal Bay and we found lots of Crystals.  While we were walking we were searching for crabs and my brother found a huge one.

Unfortunately we had to come home early because a bad storm was going to hit the Coromandel.  We were lucky we did because the next day the road was so badly damaged that it was closed for a week.

By Rose

Stella's hoilday

Hi room 5!

In the holiday I went to Cambridge to see my Nanny and Papa. 

At my Nanny and Papa's house they have a pool so we went in there for 3 hours! And my brother learnt how to swim!

The next day I made slime for the Howick Kids Market and of course went in the pool. 

The final day we went in the pool at 8 or 9 o'clock, it was cold. 

Image result for warm pool

From Stella

Keeley's camping trip

Hi room 5
For my hoildays I went camping at Waikawau Bay with my family and many others.
Waikawau Bay is in the Coromandel four hours away from Auckland.
I did some musselling with my family and friends. We caught many mussels!
Last year my cousin Holly who is normally at camp with us was away in France, on an exchange.
We had other people come to camp. Thier names are Milly ,Heidi and Max Stewart.
By Keeley

Macy's Holiday

In the holidays I went to the beautiful Pauanui. My cousins also have a bach on the waterways in Pauanui. I learnt how to surf there, also climbed the mountain!                                                                                                                From Macy

Thursday, 8 February 2018

My Holiday at Snow Planet

In the holiday my family and I went to Snow Planet!  My Mum bought some tickets a few months before we went.  When we got there we had to put on some gloves, boots and a jacket.  It was freezing when we got inside!  Here's a picture of Snow Planet.

We rode some truck tyres down the snow from the top of a small hill.  There was a conveyor belt that went up all the way to the top.  You stood on the conveyor belt and it would take you and your tyre up the hill.  When we finished riding we threw snow balls at each other.  Dad put snow down my back. It was freezing! After that we went to the cafe and had some lunch.Then we were on our way home.

By Ryan 

Vera's Trip to Windy Wellington

Hi Everyone,

In my holidays I went to Wellington the capital of New Zealand.  It was VERY windy!! I went there to race BMX.  I came 4th place in the 10 year old girls on both days of racing at two different tracks.  I had heaps of fun.

By Vera A 🚲

My Amazing Adventures to Waiheke Island on our Yacht!

Hi Room 5!

On the 31st of December 2017 and the 1st of January 2018 my family and I went to Waiheke Island on our yacht, we got to row our small boat to the beach, and had a chance to look around. This is a picture of my holiday.

By Karol

Robert's Holiday at Taupo

Wow! I had so much fun about Freshwater Lake.Splashing in it, drinking it, even playing in it! I like it so much, that I would love it if the ccean was fresh.  Robert.

My fantastic holiday!

In the holiday, I went to Hot Water Beach with my family. My Dad told us there is hot water under the sand. So we tried to dig the big hole in the sand. It was really fun!

By Tiffany

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Sophie's trip to the Skytower

Hi Room 5!
In the holidays I went to the Skytower. It was so much fun being up there, here is a photo of the inside. I went on the glass, it was not creepy. So that is my holiday.

By Sophie

Pauanui boogie boarding

Hi Room 5,

In the holidays I went boogie boarding. My dad's friends were on a boat and they capsized on a four meter wave!

From Quinn