Sunday, 25 February 2018

Frisbee golf

At Woodhill Forest we also had the opportunity to play Frisbee Golf - kind of like Mini Golf, except you have to try and throw a frisbee into a cage. Miss R was not very good at this one.

Room 5, what was your most/least favourite activity and why?


  1. Thanks teachers for giving us these amazing trips. We have loved it ever second thank you!

  2. My brother is there
    from cimone-clyde's sister

  3. The trip was amazing! my favourite was the climbing was because of the flying fox!
    i had a lovely trip.

  4. That looks like a really great time! I wonder how long it took to go around the course and how many cages were there to aim for? Joe's Mum.

  5. The Frisbee golf was like no other Frisbee golf before! Unfortunately there was lots of poop.:(