Friday, 9 February 2018

My holiday at Waitete Bay

Over the holidays we went to our family bach at Waitete Bay.

The weather was really hot so we spent most of our days at the beach.  We swam out to the raft and jumped off, it was so much fun!

We went for a walk around the rocks to Crystal Bay and we found lots of Crystals.  While we were walking we were searching for crabs and my brother found a huge one.

Unfortunately we had to come home early because a bad storm was going to hit the Coromandel.  We were lucky we did because the next day the road was so badly damaged that it was closed for a week.

By Rose


  1. I've never been to Waitete Bay but it sounds amazing. I'd like to visit Crystal Bay!

  2. Your holiday sounds fun. I wish I was there swimming!

  3. Lucky girl Rose! Crystal Bay sounds amazing - can you bring a crystal in to show me?

  4. Wow was it fun there Rose I wish I was there.