Friday, 9 February 2018

Macy's Holiday

In the holidays I went to the beautiful Pauanui. My cousins also have a bach on the waterways in Pauanui. I learnt how to surf there, also climbed the mountain!                                                                                                                From Macy


  1. Pauanui is lots of fun. That's so cool you learnt how to surf. Did you enjoy climbing the mountain? I found that mountain very tiring to go up!

    1. Yes I loved climbing the mountain, except it was very hot and tiring.
      My cousins kept having to stop and give me a fruit burst/lollie.
      I still enjoyed climbing it, though it took me 3 hours!!!
      By Macy

  2. Sounds great Macy! I like to body surf through the waves rather than use a board.