Thursday, 8 February 2018

My Holiday at Snow Planet

In the holiday my family and I went to Snow Planet!  My Mum bought some tickets a few months before we went.  When we got there we had to put on some gloves, boots and a jacket.  It was freezing when we got inside!  Here's a picture of Snow Planet.

We rode some truck tyres down the snow from the top of a small hill.  There was a conveyor belt that went up all the way to the top.  You stood on the conveyor belt and it would take you and your tyre up the hill.  When we finished riding we threw snow balls at each other.  Dad put snow down my back. It was freezing! After that we went to the cafe and had some lunch.Then we were on our way home.

By Ryan 


  1. That sounds like heaps of fun sliding down the hill on a tyre. Must have been a nice refreshing day out of the sun.

  2. Replies
    1. Please tell your last name,Lucas.I don't want to stay up all night figuring out which one you are.

  3. Wow! That must of been fun. I went to Snow Planet as well. Though I don't think it was the same one.

  4. That looks like so much fun. Have you been to snow planet before?

  5. Robert it was me Lucas A who wrote that looks so cool

  6. Most of the summer was super hot, so I can imagine Ryan that visiting Snow Planet was a nice break from all the heat!

  7. Was it your first time?
    It looks like fun!
    You were lucky.

  8. Yes liam it was my first time going to snow planet. It was fun!