Friday, 23 March 2018

'Game of Awesome' Writing

This week Room 5 learnt a new card game called Game of Awesome. It can be used to help give us ideas for writing stories. Miss Robertson then set a challenge to see who could write the best story in 25 minutes! Not very much time at all, but some of the stories were in fact AWESOME. Here are some of our favourites.

Cats and Alleyways

Once there were two identical twins named Chloe and Zoe. They shared a pair of priceless night-vision goggles. They owned a club named ‘The Secret Superstars’. One day they were having an extremely secret meeting in a dark alley.

Of course, they brought their precious night-vision goggles to see each other with.
Suddenly, out of the dark, damp alleyway, there came a thin and bony cat.

It was dark as the night, with claws, jaws as sharp as knives and it had a piercing yowl as high as a  broken microphone. It stalked meaningfully towards them like a lion catching its prey. It gave a long, low hiss, and suddenly, a pack of cats just as fierce as their leader itself, pranced out from a hidden hole the twins had unsurprisingly not seen when they entered the alley.

They stalked towards Chloe and Zoe on their long bony legs. Less than a metre away, they came to a halt.Then the leader growled, long and low: ‘’Kill them’’. The pack pounced and the twins blacked out. . .

By Isabella Wright

Dunno what this Story’s Title is...

In sixty nine, Ricochet drive, lived a family - the parents, two twins named Fred and George and a
baby girl called Lavender.  

“Mum where are my fireworks?”  George shouted, “I don’t know!”  mum replied, “OH
WUTEVUR!!” George sighed.  Fred was in his room doing something suspicious; the twins
always do something naughty, like once they burned the kitchen up with phosphorus, and
they blew up the garden, it was normal in their family. "Hurry up Fred!”  mum shrieked, “ok!!”
Fred moaned loudly.

They were in the car when they realised something was strange.  “Lavender!!” mum suddenly
said bashfully. Lavender was on the roof of the moving car!  But when they checked she was
not there. “Maybe she is shooting water guns at cats again.”  George and Fred suggested,
“NO, she has been kidnapped!” mum said timidly. So George and Fred went on an
adventure to a dark alley, where the bad guys were.

They brought ‘protection’,

Night vision goggles
Fireworks ( they found it under lavender’s diaper storage )
A knife
LOTS of nerf guns

When they arrived at the alley,  they saw Lavender at an open window seal.  “Whoa.” Fred
told George. They hooked a rope to a nerf bullet and shot it, Lavender caught it.  George
pulled her down carefully.

THEY GOT HOME!!!!  Their mum was very happy and proud of her sons.
( they did not use any ‘protection’ but the nerf gun. )

Or is it.


The Case Of The Missing Custard Pie

It was a normal day in a rather small town with lots of houses and in one those houses were to identical twins.They were in bed one night and suddenly the window opened and in came a note.They were scared but read the note any way!It said that your friend Tom’s custard pie was missing!And had to get it back by dawn or else!Signed:???
They had to get it back for dear friend Tom so in that note were some night-vision goggles(don't even ask me how it could fit in there.)They put it on and went looking for the case of the custard pie!They thought it could be in secret place so they went through a dark alley and found a chest!”What in the…”said one of the twins.Then suddenly someone small snatched the chest!They ran as fast as they could to catch that wicked thief!Closer and closer until...BONK!The person who took the chest wasn't looking and hit a wall!They grabbed the chest and ran home!Back at the house they opened to find...A note!It said to go inside their fridge and the custard pies would be there!They got the pies and RAN!It was almost dawn but they rushed into their friend Tom’s house and gave him his pies!.He clapped with joy as he gobbled them up!OM NOM NOM!Yummy said Tom.He thanked them and went to bed again.Same as the twins.They smiled and dreamed about their adventure.


By Ryan