Sunday, 11 March 2018

Moment in Time writing

Here is some writing we have been working on about our trips to Eastern Beach and Tree Adventures. We had to think of a highlight or lowlight from our trip, imagine we were back in that moment and write about it as if it was happening right now. It was a challenge remembering to write in present tense! We also tried to incorporate some figurative language to make it interesting for our readers. Here are some of the finished ones.


  1. Ka pai Room 5 - these written accounts of your EOTC adventures sound amazing!

  2. Ohh! I can feel that cool sea water Anita - your description is so vivid! And those pancakes or pikelets sound like a challenge that tasted delicious Liam and Joe. Mrs T

  3. These EOTC Moment In Time Poems are amazing. My favourite is Anita's. When I read it I can feel like I'm in the kayak! Joe's one is also really good!