Sunday, 6 May 2018

ANZAC Art silhouettes

It was a busy first week back at school and it finished off with a Kauri whanau assembly. Room 5 shared their ANZAC artwork. We are pretty pleased with them. 


  1. Wow those art protects look like master pieces.
    what did you use to make them.
    where did you get the idea.
    what did you do to make the background look like the sun is actionly setting.

  2. WoW!!Those are so Awesome!!
    How long did it take you to make those?
    Was it fun making them!!
    The backround is so pretty!!

  3. WOW room 5 I love your ANZAC art. They look amazing! how did you blend your backgrounds so well?

  4. I love the tonal qualities in the backgrounds. IT really makes the black shapes pop and look like either the dawn or dusk of the day. Very effective!